About Councilwoman Berz

“It matters not whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, or Independent participant; the issues we are dealing with are Human.”


With “Progress, Not Politics” as her goal, Carol Berz is currently serving her 2nd full term as District 6 Councilwoman.  Concentrating on community organization through public/private partnerships, Dr. Berz has overseen the renaissance of commerce, economic development, connectivity and the celebration of diversity in her district.

Focusing on solution-based, collaborative problem-solving, in both the public and private sectors, Dr. Berz has been a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Listed General Civil and Family mediator and trainer for more than 25 years.  She is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Private Dispute Resolution Services, LLC, a mediation services and training organization headquartered in Chattanooga.

Dr. Berz served as Council Chairwoman in 2016, and currently serves as Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee.  She also serves as Co-Chair of the Mayor’s Council for Women.

As Co-Chair of the Mayor’s Council For Women, Dr. Berz has been working with over 100 of the most talented women in our City to advocate for the social and economic advancement of women in our community.   Focus has been on six critical areas: education, health care, history, justice, leadership, and economic opportunity.   “It makes all of our lives better — including men — when women can grow wealth in our city, exchange bold community ideas and contribute to strengthening our families.”

Her goals for the district continue to focus on transparency and responsiveness in City government, safe sustainable neighborhoods, economic growth and stability, and programs that support our youth and families.

With citizen involvement and input, a Master Redevelopment Plan was created during her first term in office that identified the characteristics of a great community. This plan has served as the guide for the progress that has taken place in District 6 and has served as a model for other districts.

Dr. Berz, together with police officers, first responders, neighborhood associations and business owners, is addressing the challenges of safety in our communities.  “We have had tremendous success with the Chattanooga Police Departments Neighborhood Policing Bureau.  Our neighborhoods have had the opportunity to develop relationships with the officers who work in District 6 and work together to resolve the issues that impact safety.”

Water quality issues have been significant in District 6 and when the City was hit with major fines by the EPA, Dr. Berz worked with the public and private sector to formulate and implement plans that focused on repairing the problems to meet federal requirements while at the same time reducing the financial hardship.  Many of the solutions have resulted in more green space for the district.

Last and certainly not least, after several years of planning, the City of Chattanooga opened the doors to its state of the art Family Justice Center, a project Dr. Berz spear-headed.  “I am so proud of the beautiful space we created to support the families and children in our city who are victims of sexual assault, human trafficking, elder abuse, and domestic violence.  We have discovered, in the short time we have been opened, the impact the center has had not only with issues of violence but in times of community crisis.”

Click HERE for Councilwoman Berz Professional Bio

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