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Recent District 6 Summit: Economic Development Meets Lifestyle Demographics

Public and private stakeholders gathered today at Executive Business Park for the 16th meeting of the District 6 Summit.

The District 6 Summit originated by Councilwoman Carol Berz in April 2008 as a means to bring  the public and private sector together to address economic development and quality of life issues in District 6.  Participants who attended this first meeting expressed what they wanted to see in District 6.

Special interest groups developed and as a result, the Brainerd Road Corridor Master Redevelopment Plan was created.  From that evolved various projects that addressed each of the “wants” from art, to sidewalks, to safety, to commercial and neighborhood revitalization to job creation.

Eight years later and with over 100 people in attendance, the March 18 Summit focused on the impact of Economic Development relative to Lifestyle Demographics.  Attendees heard about how people who live, work and play in District 6; how that drives zoning and planning and how that impacts commercial and economic development.  Updates on current District 6 projects and initiative were also be presented.

A special presentation about Education 2.0 concluded the event, emphasizing the importance of the business communities role in workforce preparedness.

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Lifestyle Demographics


District 6 Summit and Town Hall Meeting Provide Updates on D6 Projects

Councilwoman Berz recently hosted two events to update District 6 residents, businesses and other stakeholders on the positive growth in the area including implementation of the Brainerd Corridor Overlay Plan, Wilson Air Center’s success and the Airport’s walking park and the renewal of Eastgate Town Center’s office complex along with its numerous educational institutions and multi-modal transportation center.

The District 6 Summit took place at Wilson Air Center on February and presentations were made on importance of economic development in District 6 by Sandra Brewer, V.P. of Membership with the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce, Brent Goldberg, Chief Operating Officer with the City of Chattanooga, Nick Wilkinson, Deputy Administrator with the Office of Economic and Community Development and Emerson Russell, President & CEO of ERMC.

We heard project status reports from the Airport, Chamber of Commerce midTown and East Brainerd Councils, Regional Planning Agency, CARTA, Trust for Public Land, Ensemble Theatre,  and Ripple Productions.

Councilwoman Berz and Dr. Valerie Radu introduced the new Family Justice Center that will be housed in what will become the midTown Central community space and Greta Hayes highlighted Youth and Family Development programs that will also operate out of this facility.  View the full Executive Summary for this Summit.

The Town Hall Meeting held March 19 at Tyner YFD  Center provided an abbreviated update to economic development projects and updated attendees on current zoning and development, traffic and transportation, neighborhood services and public safety.

Karen Rennich with the Regional Planning Agency talked about the outcomes of recent zoning requests, the success of the new Brainerd Overlay Zone ordinance and the passing of the new Alternative Finance Zone on Brainerd Road, which will help with the density of check cashing and payday lender type business

Bert Kuyrkendall with the Traffic Engineers Office discussed projects in District 6.

Donna Williams, Administrator for the Department of Economic and Community Development talked with attendees about the importance of neighborhood associations and opportunities through the Neighborhood University.  Capt. Edwin McPherson with the Chattanooga Police Department shared the successes of the neighborhood policing initiative in District 6.  He encouraged attendees to contact him regarding any issues and also to attend the monthly Police Interaction Committee meetings at Shepherd YFD Center on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

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Councilwoman Berz Receives Human Rights Award

On June 10, 2014, the Tennessee Human Rights Commission notified Councilwoman Berz that she had received the Jocelyn D. Wurzburg Civil Rights Legacy Award. Councilwoman Berz will be presented the award on September 19, 2014 at the Commission’s regular meeting in Nashville.

The award recognizes lifetimes of work that embody the ideals and principles of inclusion, equity, equality, access and diversity. In a letter to the Chattanooga Councilwoman and President of Private Dispute Resolution Services LLC, Executive Director Beverly Watts acknowledged Councilwoman Berz’s “dedication and leadership in cultivating more inclusive and equitable communities.”

The award will coincide with the release of the 2014 State of Human Rights in Tennessee Report by the Commission.

If you are in Nashville on September 19, please join Councilwoman Berz as she is recognized by our state’s human rights governing body. The commission is located in the William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower, 312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue in Nashville.

For more information about the Tennessee Human Rights Commission, visit its website at