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Brainerd students unveil video histories of city leaders

A video project that details the personal history of “well-known leaders and unsung heroes” of Hamilton County will be unveiled tonight, May 19, at Brainerd High School.

“Through this project, we sought to connect students to the personal histories of leaders,” he says. “Some of those leaders also happen to be Brainerd High graduates. The Leadership Chattanooga team helped set up the interviews, edit the videos and provided vital assistance we needed to engage our students.”

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District 6 summit focuses on untapped opportunity

As the most diverse district in Chattanooga, District 6 is in a unique position to attract growth and development both commercially and residentially, according to city Councilwoman Carol Berz.

At the district’s most recent summit, focused on “Economics Meets Lifestyle: Rethinking Sense of Place,” attendees discussed how identifying those demographics can, in turn, highlight the needs of the area and should be used to attract businesses.

“Developers would do well to understand the needs for walking paths, for connections from one center to the next and sidewalks that actually go somewhere,” said Jelena Butler, director and broker for SB Commercial Services. ” The lifestyle demographics of residents are an important way to look at [overall] demographics.”

But equally important to attracting the right business is finding the best space for area growth, Butler added.

“We’ve seen some good changes start to happen, around Eastgate Mall, said Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency Director John Bridger.  How do we build on that momentum?” he asked. ” What if we had a dedicated bus lane along East Brainerd Road? Lee Highway? Landscaping and a multimodal use path? That’s a different space.”

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Recent District 6 Summit: Economic Development Meets Lifestyle Demographics

Public and private stakeholders gathered today at Executive Business Park for the 16th meeting of the District 6 Summit.

The District 6 Summit originated by Councilwoman Carol Berz in April 2008 as a means to bring  the public and private sector together to address economic development and quality of life issues in District 6.  Participants who attended this first meeting expressed what they wanted to see in District 6.

Special interest groups developed and as a result, the Brainerd Road Corridor Master Redevelopment Plan was created.  From that evolved various projects that addressed each of the “wants” from art, to sidewalks, to safety, to commercial and neighborhood revitalization to job creation.

Eight years later and with over 100 people in attendance, the March 18 Summit focused on the impact of Economic Development relative to Lifestyle Demographics.  Attendees heard about how people who live, work and play in District 6; how that drives zoning and planning and how that impacts commercial and economic development.  Updates on current District 6 projects and initiative were also be presented.

A special presentation about Education 2.0 concluded the event, emphasizing the importance of the business communities role in workforce preparedness.

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Lifestyle Demographics


Favors, Berz: A Focused, Local Approach to Women’s Issues

Although women account for more than half of the population of Tennessee, you won’t see this reflected in our local political chambers or boardrooms. Out of the nine Chattanooga City Council members, only one is a woman and there was not a single woman on the Hamilton County Commission for almost a decade (2005 to 2014).

There are important questions that must be answered and issues that must be analyzed for our communities to realize the economic and social worth of all women. When Mayor Andy Berke asked us to co-chair a new group to advocate for the social and economic advancement of women, we gladly accepted. It makes all of our lives better — including men — when women can grow wealth in our city, exchange bold community ideas and contribute to strong families.

With a grassroots coalition of more than 75 women, we have quickly gone to work. Over a series of collaborative meetings, we’ve focused our work on six critical areas: education, health care, childcare, justice, leadership, and economic opportunity

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Moms Clean Air Force Interview with Councilwoman Carol Berz


BY ON APRIL 2, 2015This is a Moms Clean Air Force exclusive interview with Councilwoman Carol Berz of Tennessee:
What is unique about protecting Tennessee’s resources?  

What is unique in my position as a lawmaker and legislator for Chattanooga is that I have to focus on an urban system; specifically I mean, emissions from machinery and protecting trees. I value our trees very much and when we’re making zoning ordinances, talking about clear cutting for development, or future road planning, all of that affects our environment and clean air. I’m very much interested in increasing bike paths and utilizing electric shuttles. City emissions can get pretty heavy around here, particularly in hot weather. Chattanooga is growing and changing very quickly, and as we become more urban, I believe we have to be very careful of the environment relative to our resources.  View the full interview

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