Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I attend City Council meetings?

A:  Open meetings of the Chattanooga City Council take place every Tuesday in the Assembly Room of the John P. Franklin, Sr. City Council Building.
- The regular meeting schedule is as follows: click here.
- For the schedule and ways to participate click here.

Q:  How do I address the Council at a weekly meeting?

A: Public comments are allowed every Tuesday at the end of the 6:00 p.m. meeting. Once the City Attorney reads the rules for addressing the Council, each speaker is allotted three minutes to make comments. A timer will be set and visible to all speakers during this time. Speakers cannot share their three minutes with others. The timer starts anew with each speaker. The Council has limited the public comments section of its agenda to a maximum of one hour. 

Q:  The property next to my house is extremely overgrown.  What can be done?

A:   All City Code violation complaints are entered through the 311 Call Center. This also applies to liter, abandoned or inoperable vehicles and other housing violations.  Make sure you get a Service Request Number

Q:  What can I do about the crime in my neighborhood?

A:   Identify the police officers who lead the patrols in your neighborhood and contact them. Or feel free to contact me.

Q:  I am concerned about the panhandling in my neighborhood.  What should I do? 

A:  The City of Chattanooga has an ordinance to protect communities against panhandling.  The best thing you, your family, friends and neighbors can do to discourage panhandlers is not to patronize them.   If you would like to help someone who is homeless, the City has a variety of services to aid individuals in need.  View the full ordinance HERE.

Q: My garbage did not get picked up today, what do I do. 

A:  Call 311 or report online here. Make sure you get a Service Request Number.   You may also request brush pick up through 311.

Q: How do I get potholes filled?

A:  Call 311 or report online here. Note that your request is added to a list of other requests and will typically be completed in the order it was received.  Make sure that you receive a Service Request Number in the event follow-up is needed

Q:  How do I get speed humps in my neighborhood

A:  The Chattanooga Department of Transportation established a toolkit for addressing speeding in neighborhoods.  Review the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Guidelines.

Q:  There is a rezoning notice on a property in my neighborhood.  What does this mean?

A:   All requests for rezoning property have to be reviewed and approved by the Hamilton Co. Planning Commission before it is put before the City Council for approval.   Protecting the integrity of neighborhoods is important.  If you oppose a rezoning, please speak up by contacting me at

Other Questions?   Let me know.  Feel free to email me, or call me (423)643-7181 about anything that concerns you.