Moms Clean Air Force Interview with Councilwoman Carol Berz


BY ON APRIL 2, 2015This is a Moms Clean Air Force exclusive interview with Councilwoman Carol Berz of Tennessee:
What is unique about protecting Tennessee’s resources?  

What is unique in my position as a lawmaker and legislator for Chattanooga is that I have to focus on an urban system; specifically I mean, emissions from machinery and protecting trees. I value our trees very much and when we’re making zoning ordinances, talking about clear cutting for development, or future road planning, all of that affects our environment and clean air. I’m very much interested in increasing bike paths and utilizing electric shuttles. City emissions can get pretty heavy around here, particularly in hot weather. Chattanooga is growing and changing very quickly, and as we become more urban, I believe we have to be very careful of the environment relative to our resources.  View the full interview

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